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My Virtual Campfire - A Podcast

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

LISTEN to Uplifting conversations that depict Corona Life all over the world.

It is times like these that our ancestors would have started telling stories around a campfire. Searching for meaning in our existence.

A time that seems so out of the ordinary, so important.

But, Why?

And Why now?

I’m Krystal, Krystal Kelley.

I host my reality.

I listen to sounds and feel vibrations.

My biggest inspiration is Mother Nature.

To me, the computer or phone, is the modern campfire.

the warm glow we engage our evenings with.

I’m embracing this technology we have been gifted

I’m going to listen,

with you,

to stories from all over the planet.

I’m checking in on each guest during this Pandemic to see how they are doing with their struggles. To ask if there is anything We can do, collectively, to help each other.

Episode 1: Co-Creating the Future Cleansing Water, a special Conversation with Anna-Katariina Hollmerus, a water Shaman from Norway. Anna-Katariina talks about her journeys along Northern waters. She talks to Krystal about falling in love with a Tibetan Llama to visit him in Vienna. She has stopped in Germany to do more water work and have this special conversation with Krystal and the world. Their conversation encompasses dragons, fairies, crystals and more. If you can open your mind to hearing about these realms, you will realize how “normal” this conversation actually is. We are currently re-recording this episode due to sound quality. I'll update the site as soon as it is back online.

This Corona Life can now be found on Breaker, Radio Public, Spotify and PocketCasts. Follow the links or search, This Corona Life. Thank you for listening!

Anna-Katariina was interviewed on another podcast, just a few days after this interview. If you speak German, and you want to learn more from an amazing Shaman, check out Voice Your Life By Amelie Mehru

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