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Krystal's motto: "I go where the day takes me"

The days have taken Krystal on many adventures within herself as well as with the world and dimensions that surround her. Krystal builds bridges and makes connections between the known and unknown. 

Krystal's path did not begin on this trajectory. She started off with a dream of becoming a reporter for National Geographic. She studied Communications at University of Washington and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double degree in Communications and International Studies. She spent 7 years working at Network TV Stations, CBS Sports and other production houses throughout the United States. After experiencing the tragic live broadcast on 9/11, Krystal began to question network news and made a shocking decision to sever her ties with fear-based propaganda.

Not sure where to "start over," she fell into an extremely successful Real Estate career and founded a staging company in Seattle. Another 7 years in her new career resulted in extreme burnout and a near-death brain and spinal chord infection that again had Krystal questioning her path. In an attempt to heal, Krystal turned to meditation  to heal her brain trauma. Krystal decided to sell her staging company in 2009 and went on a self-imposed sabbatical. During her sabbatical, Krystal wrote a children's book, A Little Bird Who Pooped Art. She spent time with her children, got divorced and eventually met her soul mate on a chance encounter. Her days were aligning with her dreams and magical events took place.

Another chapter was unfolding as she co-founded an interactive art gallery with her soul mate, Mind Unwind. It was the mission of Mind Unwind to be a playground for the creative imagination of all ages. Mind Unwind was a community-driven gallery and brought together creatives and expanded the possibilities of creation. In 2015, after her third daughter was born, Krystal decided to take another sabbatical to focus on family and travel. She feels magnetic pulls to specific energetic points on Earth that heal both herself, her family and Mother Earth. 

Her travels have taken her North to the Siberian Wilderness to learn from illuminated beings, indigenous Altaian throat singers and wisdom keepers. She has traveled South to explore the plant medicines of Peru. She has traveled East to learn meditation techniques from Buddhist Monks in Japan. Even further, Krystal has had the divine gift of sitting with shaman, sound healers and energy portals in Egypt. Mystery School teachings that go deep into the cosmos are imbedded in her innermost knowing. 

Krystal feels as if the culmination of her experiences are not only for her own personal knowledge, it is Krystal's service to others to assist those looking deeper into their purpose. It is Krystal's dream to help others find the path that can lead them to their highest good on Planet Earth.

Let's Weave our Energies Together

Do you want to craft immersive experiences and initiatives that blend mindfulness, leadership, and indigenous insights? Together, we can inspire purposeful living and positive change while aligning with your brand's values.

Join me in forging a path of transformation that bridges realms and leaves a lasting impact. Let's explore the possibilities and weave our energies together.


To learn more tools on how to find your inner peace, or if you have any questions, please contact me.

Seattle, WA King County 98136

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