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Egyptology Spirit + Science

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Host, Krystal Kelley discusses the evolution of Egyptology with Egyptologist, Mohamad Anwar Eissa "Mo".

Mo gives an overview of the science of Egyptology and explains how it is an 'alive' science. Egyptology is, like humanity, ever-evolving. Mo takes us from ancient times through modern Egypt.

Krystal dives into the spirit side of Egyptology and links Ancient Worlds to Extraterrestrial life forms.

Krystal and Mo don't agree on everything, but that is what makes this conversation so dynamic. Whether you are pure science or pure spirit or somewhere in between, you will listen to a passionate journalist of consciousness and an Egyptologist who is spreading awareness of Egypt's epic mystique with the world.

If you listen to the very end, you will hear a small secret that Krystal explains almost at the very end of the video.

For the full playlist of Krystal's Sacred Egypt videos, find them here.

Each video is encoded with vibrational frequencies she brought back with her from her recent trip to Egypt. Her intention on sharing these frequencies is to assist others to raise their vibration simply by watching, find it here.

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