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Shifting Circles has entered the Festival Circuit (Circle)

Shifting Circles is a unique project; we have no script. Our personal and professional backgrounds and the teachings of our mentors complete circles. As these circles shift, we document transformational moments.

We have entered The Northwest Flying Saucer Festival, New York Short Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, London Lift-Off Film Festival and Nashville Film Festival.

"The Altai" originates with an International Expedition to Russia's Altai Mountains. It was was coordinated by Seattle Mystic, Carol Hiltner and Altaian Spiritual Leader, Svetlana Katynova. In the summer of 2011, a sacred journey was taken to a remote area of Siberia. A fellowship was called together for a profound mystical purpose in the Altai region’s sacred Mt. Belukha. Called to this journey were mystics from the Americas, The Koji Mamo shaman of Columbia journeyed from their Sacred Mountain in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta along with others from all over the world.

For one week, this mystical group conducted a sacred ceremony in the Altai mountains, led by Navajo Wisdom Keeper, Patricia Anne Davis. Simultaneously, grounding groups located around the world expanded and grounded the energy released from the portal into the collective conscience of humanity. "The Altai" is a tribute to the energy work that was done in 2011 and speaks to the continued work that both The Altai Fellowship and Shifting Circles has continued to pursue all the way into the present moment of 2023 (and beyond). The timing of releasing this episode is divine in the sense that it is exactly the inspiration we need in times of war, to know that peace exists within the hearts of humanitarian leaders worldwide. Let's shift together as we continue the circles of peace.

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