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Karnak - Temple of Purity

In Luxor, Egypt, there is the largest temple complex in the world called Karnak. Karnak is dedicated to the Gods Amen and Mut and is known as the Temple of Purity. I explore two distinct areas of Karnak; The Sacred Lake and Ptah Chapel.

Approaching the Ptah chapel, are the 'Seven Heavenly Gates' that lead to a chamber where there is a very life-like statute of Sekhmet, the Lion-headed Warrior Goddess of healing. The statute is said to be a living statute and is considered extremely sacred.

After exploring Karnak, I follow a 2 mile 'Avenue of Sphinxes' that leads from Karnak to Luxor. By the time we arrived at Luxor, it was nighttime. Seeing Luxor at night is really the best way to view it because the temple is set up with thousands of lights and since it is almost all open-air, seeing it in the dark is quite riveting.

The videos in my Sacred Egypt Playlist go through each temple, I've encoded certain vibrations into these videos. When you watch them, you will just naturally pick up on the energies that were at each temple, initiating yourself into the energies. So, if you follow each of my videos along, you will be essentially coming along with the initiation process that that I went through while in Egypt.

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