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Tears of Reality - Episode 2

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Coincidences, synchronicities, a natural order, music’s role in our lives.

We all have our Corona stories to tell. Think of our phone as the warm glow of a virtual campfire. Each week, Listen to stories from all over the world about how we, as humans fit into the vibrations of Mother Nature and the universe. Collectively, we co-create a future through conversation and storytelling.

In Episode 2, I speak with a whole-heartedly pure Guest, Rena Riekena in Germany. This interview was done in pure Corona-style, from my car. I was stuck on the road with a drawbridge up and I decided to do the call anyway. I felt like Rena needed the support, she had spent the previous four days in a bit of hell. Rena is a poet and a writer. She takes us through her turmoil of a personal breakup and how she is turning her day and future around by talking about the struggles of being human. We talk about emotions, soul purpose, manifestations and Rena shares her poetry. At the end, Rena shares her beautiful, heartfelt poem “Tears of Reality”. You can listen to Episode Here.