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#MushLuv - My First NFT Project

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I usually feel as if I am bridging two worlds together. I straddle the conscious gap between telepathic networks of Light Beings and my own human existence.

This time in human history is dynamic and challenging. Like many others, I am reimagining what I want New Earth to look like. I see free energy, a globalized currency, compassion and wellness taught to the children from a young age; embracing the natural world that our Mother Earth provides. Our Mother Earth is abundant with life and the building blocks of life.

Browse #MushLuv on OpenSea.

So, why am I making an NFT?

First of all, because I'm an artist. Our creativity unlocks an infinite amount of possibilities to problem solve. If we problem solve together to co-create new solutions for a more sustainable life on Earth, we will open doors to a newly sustainable Earth together.

I believe Web3 and the MetaVerse are about co-creating new ideas. Making an NFT Project is a way for me to initiate myself into the New World of Crypto Trading and Wallets. I've learned what gas fees are and how to navigate this strange new world. I'm bridging my creativity with an online marketplace.

Browse #MushLuv on OpenSea.

So, why #MushLuv?

If there is a key to the future, I would say the key is made of mycelium and the keyhole is in our heart. Mycelium, aka mushrooms are a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae, not much different than the concept of a network in a blockchain. Mushrooms can be used to construct structures stronger than steel; mushrooms can clean up toxic waste; many mushrooms provide medicinal properties to heal the human body and mind. Mushrooms are my favorite thing on this planet besides water. You could say that I LOVE Mushrooms and every positive thing that they represent.

This evoked the birth of #MushLuv, my love for the planet, for mushrooms, for art and for a New Earth.

Browse #MushLuv on OpenSea.

#MushLuv is a collection of 13 unique NFT art sets with 3 unique color combinations per set.

SPOILER ALERT: With the unlocked content, I am bridging my NFT art with the physical world. Each NFT purchase will unlock a printed version signed (1 of 1) and mailed directly to you.

Browse #MushLuv on OpenSea.

Give #MushLuv some likes and share it with friends, or even best, invest in YOUR future with a #MushLuv Purchase. Mush Love to All!

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