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Art of HENRY with Ryan Henry Ward

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Listen to the inspiring conversation: Episode 25: Art of HENRY

I had a feeling this was going to be special conversation, but I had no idea what was in store for me during this interview. My path has intertwined with Ryan's occasionally over a few decades. We went to the same high school, Ryan was in the grade ahead of me. When he used to put on a collective art show in Ballard, I brought him a few pieces to hang and we would always have really good conversations while I was dropping off the art. I didn't realize it in high school, but as we have gotten older, Ryan's voice sounds exactly like my Grandpa Jay. He even talks slowly like Grandpa Jay talked, so I've always felt comfortable chatting with Ryan.

Many other times over the years, Ryan and I had collaborated (video above for HopiLand Water Project) or had lunch in Enumclaw.

No matter what, we chatted about "whatever" and it is always great. So, approaching my Podcast interview, I was excited to see where our conversation was going to flow. We weaved in and through many subjects and had a few good chuckles. Then, as we were wrapping up the conversation--you HAVE to listen to the end--as Ryan was saying bye, he said that he was proud of me.

This is where it gets weird: I didn't hear Ryan saying he was proud of me, I heard my Grandpa Jay say it. I spontaneously started crying as I was saying goodbye. It was as if Ryan completely channeled my Grandpa Jay. It felt like a gift.

Ryan is not only a very famous mural artist, he is also a talented medium with a kind heart and clear intentions. It truly is a gift to listen to him talk.

If you want to take a listen to the inspiring conversation, listen here: Episode 25: Art of HENRY

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