Where Are The Helpers?

Updated: Mar 24


During this episode, I listen to the message that humanity has been waiting to hear from the ancient world. While living In Harmony Within a Natural Order, I hear special guest, Patricia Anne Davis deliver a message so special and so timely. The time is now. Patricia is an authentic Navajo Wisdom Keeper from New Mexico.

It is a true gift and with heartfelt gratitude, I share this episode. Listen to this episode when you have time to slow down and absorb this message. To integrate these ideas into our modern life, it is important to slow down and listen. Our choices we make should steward Earth, Water, Fire and Air for the next SEVEN generations. Be the change; listen, love and live.

I have attached Patricia's Natural Order/Open System chart that she references in our conversation.

I also wanted to share the story of how I met Patricia on a long, dirt road in Gorno-Altaisk, Russia. In 2010, Patricia and I were both part of an International Altai Trek. She was a bridge between Native Americans and the Altai Indigenous Nomadic Tribes that we visited. I was there to document this special event with a documentary project called Shifting Circles. There were indigenous people and energy workers from all over the world who joined in the expedition. It's a long story, which is the basis for my book, A Future Remembered, but the short version is that the trek took an unexpected path when Patricia and I were not able to get through a border check-point. We were separated from the group and found ourselves down a several hour dirt road to get back to a place we could rest and re-group. The next two days, we co-created our future of the trek and ended up going separate ways. Those separate paths were intertwined from then until now and into the future. I am so happy to help Patricia spread her knowledge to help heal our Mother Earth and ourselves. I'm sharing a few videos from those two days of what seemed at the time, chaos. The first video, Siberian Laundry Day, Patricia and Krystal talked about in the podcast episode.

Please visit Patricia's website for more of her teachings and to donate to her work. She has wonderful and useful information about her Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process that I encourage everyone to learn and integrate into everyday life.

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