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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Expressing the beauty of mathematics and physics through art, Mathscaper is a partnership in creativity and expression. I was able to have an exciting conversation with one of the three co-founders, Rob Leonard this past week on my Virtual Campfire Podcast.

Rob explains how Mathscaper is inspired by nature and numbers. Are math and science discovered or invented? I listen as Rob tells the story of how math, technology, engineering and science have merged together to create this unique artform.

Woven into his story are Rob's fun antics about circus performing and Krystal's dream about having fire jugglers in her backyard. This is an artistic confluence of math and science...a true oxymoron, yet natural flow of creativity makes for a fascinating concept. Learn what a "Tactile Fractal" is along with a geometry lesson explaining convex polyhedra. I included a small excerpt at the end that was "off camera" when Rob explains to Krystal what a vortex is in scientific terms and why they are in high mountain areas. Rob pulls from his experience as a paraglider and relates it to how winds move and create these areas that Krystal calls vortexes that she treks to find in high mountain areas.

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