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Making an Audio Book

Today, I was back in the studio at Callanan Media Services creating my Audible for my newest book, 'Kate is Starting to Believe in the Woo-Woo."

Originally, Brian and I used to work at the "Q" together. Q-13 Morning News was our gig back in the early 2000's. Now, Brian has created his own business making audio books. And now, I'm writing books, so we are working together again.

Brian recorded my last book as the narrator. I read my poetry and the author's note, so I only had one brief session recording for, 'A Future Remembered'. It was pretty easy.

Today, our duties flip-flopped. I'm the narrator of the whole "Woo-Woo" book and Brian will read the parts of the Oracle. I learned how to channel character voices. It was a ton of fun and I enjoyed it. We have another session to record and the book will be available on Audible when we are finished. You can listen to A Future Remembered, narrated by Brian on