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Alien Book Club- "Them." by Whitley Strieber

Book club flyer for Them. by Whitley Streiber

I can't wait to read this and chat with everyone about it!

Help me celebrate my birth month on the FULL MOON and chat about all things ET.

We will meet at Freshy's Coffee on Wednesday, May 22nd (full moon time) to discuss this book at 5:55pm.

Discussion will also be streamed online on my YOUTUBE channel. This time, I will have a tech assistant there to guide the online chat and let people or ask questions. The link will be available on my website the day of the event or go to my channel on

YouTube @krystalizedmind/featured

At Freshy's, we will interact with online chats we receive as well as the in-person conversation.

About the book:

Them is the first book ever to examine the intent of the presence known as "aliens" or "visitors" from the perspective of what both civilian and military close encounter witnesses report happening to them.

Leslie Kean, author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record calls Them "groundbreaking in the truest sense of that word."

Mitch Horowitz says in his preface that it's "among the most important interpretations of visitor phenomena since Jacques Valle's Passport to Magonia appeared in 1969."

Jacques Vallee, in the foreword, states that "This book cites fact after fact to build the case for in-depth realignment of public policy with public need."

In part one of the book, Whitley Strieber analyzes the experiences of eleven close encounter witnesses and from that derives the first in-depth picture of what the extremely strange and complex experience known as "contact" may mean, and what our visitors' intentions may be.

In part two, he turns to the military experience, showing how the visitors themselves placed governments in the position of having to keep their presence and actions secret, and what the effects of conflict with them has had on public policy as well as the lives of military personnel who have confronted them. Strieber also discusses why conflict situations occurred in the past and why this may be continuing. He then explores the enormous difficulty of communication between species with differently structured brains, and how these issues can be recognized and addressed.

There has never been a book written like Them. It is as much a first as Mr. Strieber's groundbreaking volume about his own close encounter, Communion. While it does not deal with his own experiences, in it he takes advantage of over three decades of study and research to create a vision of contact that may prove foundational to useful understanding of what is now a confused, sometimes violent, and fraught relationship.

Dr. John Alexander says, "This is an important next chapter in that unending adventure that transcends time and space."

Dr. Hal Puthoff comments, "Whitley has taken a deep dive into the UAP mystery not heretofore taken in any depth. That is, just what does it mean to potentially interact with a species so foreign to our understanding of reality as to be well nigh incomprehensible. Questions are raised and addressed which are themselves so provocative that the fact that we recognize that we have no answers is itself exceedingly valuable. I highly recommend immersion in such a challenge.

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