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"What Would Happen If Aliens Visited a Shopping Mall?"

silhouette of teen walking with backpack and phone with a portal open and an tall alien looking on
Aliens in a mall?

Life is unexpected and encountering Extraterrestrial life can be even more unexpected, especially when you are at a shopping mall. Imagine, a portal opens and tall, thin creatures start roaming around. Would you be scared? excited? skeptical?

Well, this scenario happened as 2024 began on New Year's Day in Miami's Bayside Mall. I sat down with Media analyst, Terrell Rogers to discuss this incident, the police "cover story" and how so much of this loops right back to modern Hollywood movies that many of have seen with portals opening. When science fiction and real life collide, it always fun to discuss the phenomenon with others. To hear the discussion, check out Episode 48 of My Virtual Campfire

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