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Hidden & Haunted

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The Pacific Northwest has been a hot-bed (literally, the land of volcanoes) of paranormal activity; from Bigfoot to UFO's, Bob and Laura Antone have a lifetime of stories they have accumulated from North Bend.

I have the unique pleasure to talk to Bob and Laura before their busy Halloween Season. During this time of year, the veil is thin and paranormal activity is at it's peak.

Author/historian/paranormal researcher Bob Antone hails from North Bend, Washington with a longtime family history in the area. Bob and his wife, Laura lead historical and paranormal tours (which I HIGHLY recommend!) throughout the Pacific NW. From Bigfoot to UFO sightings, missing time and cursed/haunted locations, this husband and wife team collect stories from hidden dimensions.

Their research was compiled into a book co-written and available on Amazon Kindle as "The Odd Man Up." The two have also set up a Patreon page featuring virtual videos and blog entries connected to paranormal research and true crime. Laura is a registered member of DENE 1st nations. As a result, their company focuses on history and cultural understanding from an indigenous point of view. Namely, we are all related.

Cover art is from Bob and Laura's book, "The Odd Man Up"

Bob refers to Twin Peaks a few times in this episode. Twin Peaks is an American mystery-horror serial drama television series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. It ran for two seasons until its cancellation in 1991. It was recorded in North Bend.

The Ancestral Lands movement can be found here.

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