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Season 2: Exploring Higher Consciousness

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Two days before the full moon in August of 2021, the ten year anniversary of a life-altering trek I embarked on in the Altai Mountains of Siberia in August, 2011. I sit in reflection of how that trek altered my life. The trek introduced me to two unknown-to-me-at-time concepts:

1. Indigenous cultures: They exist all over our planet and they know ancient wisdoms that hold keys to humanity's survival. What I had interpreted as "stories or folklore," were actually knowledge and technology that I had looked at as primitive. I had a revelation that perhaps these ancient ways were the key to our futures...or perhaps they are one in the same.

2. Power of the heart & mind: During two weeks of an isolated quarantine in Siberia, I realized how powerful the mind can be. I realized telepathy, psychic awareness, intuition; a myriad of "myths" as I saw them before are, all as real as our 5 senses.

The spirit of the Altai has been with me since 2011, while I've been conducting a self-guided tour of the world. Dimensions that were seemingly unreal to me prior are becoming more apparent. The spirit circle seems to be getting stronger as I go. I feel tapped into a higher consciousness that is centered around crystalline structures that connect us to each other and our Mother Earth.

We are co-creating a more compassionate and kind world. A world where we center our beings in loving care to ourselves, each other and our planet. Basically, through conversation with other co-creators, I hope to manifest a more sustainable path for future generations.

To kickstart my Virtual Campfire Podcast's Season 2: Exploring Higher Consciousness, I am delighted to share my conversation with Jon Osiris about Tattoo Vinyasa.

Jon is offering a path of inner and outer transformation through the medicine of tattooing. Jon explains his struggles he used to have when practicing tattoo art within a consumerist construct. As a mystic, a yogi, an artisan and a sovereign guide, Jon has developed a ceremonial and intentional practice he calls Tattoo Vinyasa. It’s inspiring and beautiful to hear his story. You can find him on IG @jon108osiris

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