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The Witch of West Seattle

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Just in time for Halloween season, I talk with my favorite Witch on My Virtual Campfire Podcast. She calls herself the Witch of West Seattle. Her witchcraft requires her anonymity, yet she openly shares ghost stories and full moon folklore. Message from The Witch of West Seattle: "It's that time of year when the darkness takes over, and for some of us, our favorite time of year. But for those who prefer the light, have no fear of the dark, instead, embrace it, and find the magick, beauty, and light within the darkness."

A funny comic that came out almost simultaneously with this episode was in The Stranger. Hmmm, maybe there is something brewing in West Seattle????

The Witch of West Seattle mentions the Iron Goat Trail during one of her stories. Here is the history behind the haunted trail:

Iron Goat Trail: In a lush forest near Steven’s Pass in Washington state, remnants of the 1910 Wellington Avalanche are scattered. It was the worst disaster of its kind in American history. At the time, the town of Wellington had a small rail station in the Tye River Valley. The trains passing through here would slow to 5mph as they twisted around the mountain passes. During the final week of February 1910, a blizzard blanketed the valley with impassible snow. Not even a train could move in these conditions. Two trains -the passenger train Spokane Express, the other a mail carrier- would be snowed in here for six days. Many passengers decided to wait on the train for c