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Galactic Pyramid Transmissions

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

A few months ago, I attended a sound bath by a Vocal Alchemist, Tamara Zenobia. She introduced me to meditation pyramids. I've been hooked on my pyramid ever since. After sharing my new-found tool with a few people, I realized that other people want to learn how to make their very own pyramid. This sparked my "How To" video.

After making the video, Tamara and I wanted to share our conversations that revolve around this pyramid that brought us and many others into this realm. My conversation with Tamara revolves around the recent passing of her father, the importance of the natural order and how she came to discover Pyramid Technology.

Tamara is sharing some transmissions that she received during her concert, Galactic Pyramid Transmissions. She shares a live sample during our conversation and it is literally, out of this world.

During this episode, we talk about a video on how to make your very own personal pyramid. You can find that video on my YouTube Channel.

We also reference another YouTube Channel, Pyramid Science Foundation. They conduct experiments and interview people about pyramids, both Tamara and I have independently watched a few of their videos.

If you want to participate in Tamara's Pyramid Explorers Group on Zoom, you can find that here. If the timing is right for you, DON'T MISS her concert, Galactic Pyramid Transmissions this Friday, September 24th at 8pm. You can get tickets here.


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