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The Karaoke King

So, what does a person with this much musical talent do? I learn why Anders is The King of Karaoke. His stories are surprisingly heartwarming and his motivation is much deeper than one would assume. Listen Here

Anders Marshall is a classically trained award-winning singer ranging from swing and jazz to doo-wop and rock as well as soul and beyond. He has performed with the Seattle Symphony, Vocalpoint! Seattle, Seattle Pro Musica, and other astute organizations. Anders is able to meld his voice to many particular artists including Frank Sinatra, Frankie Vallie, and Elvis among others.

Anders has also made radio and television appearances on ABC's Karaoke Battle USA as well as recorded movies and video game soundtracks such as Medal of Honor: Frontline written by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino. Anders has been singing since he was a boy soprano with the Northwest Choirs since the age of 8. He aspires to sing in every genre, every part, and loves the challenge of something new. Jeff Roman of the Seattle Weekly describes him as "a voice that kills!"

Find Ander's "Infinite Playlist" Spotify list here.

Watch Anders light his hair on fire here.

Here is Ander's YouTube Channel.

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