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The Original X-File - Alien Contact & Men in Black

Steve Edmiston, known for writing and producing the award-winning “The Maury Island Incident” short film, which was locally produced and shot, brings a unique, historic perspective to this intriguing topic.

“On August 1, 1947, the tragic crash of a B-25 bomber in Washington State triggered an FBI investigation of ‘The Maury Island Incident‘—an infamous Northwest UFO sighting, and history’s first alleged encounter with the so-called ‘Men in Black.’ “The FBI’s records from 1947, which were sealed for decades, reveal Cold War fears, jurisdictional disputes, cover-ups, false confessions, a courageous FBI Special Agent, and the hands-on involvement of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. “Relying on the FBI records, this talk exposes a Washington story that shapes our current UFO narratives, from 1950’s pulp magazines to the ubiquitous X-Files and Men in Black film franchises. Also examined: how the Northwest’s unique position in UFO history is challenged by others that assert contradictory narratives.”

spaceship above Mt. Rainier
Alien Open Mic

Do you want to screen the movie? You are in luck! August 15, 2024 we are hosting Steve and his movie at our Alien Open Mic at the Chalet Theater in Enumclaw.

Sign up for Alien Open Mic here as a presenter.

Get your tickets early. $14 early and $20 at the door. Buy tickets

I hope to see you there and hear the amazing Alien Contact stories you all have to share.

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