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Tattoo Vinyasa with Jon Osiris of ArtCore Seattle

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

My Virtual Campfire Episode 17: Tattoo Vinyasa

Jon Osiris is offering a path of inner and outer transformation through the medicine of tattooing.

Jon explains his struggles he used to have when practicing tattoo art within a consumerist construct. As a mystic, a yogi, an artisan and a sovereign guide, Jon has developed a ceremonial and intentional practice he calls Tattoo Vinyasa. It’s inspiring and beautiful to hear his story. You can find him on IG @jon108osiris or ArtCore Tattoo Studios

I am embarking on a Tattoo Vinyasa of my own since doing this episode. About 12 years ago, Jon did an awesome tattoo on my back of an eye. This year, 2021, I'm pulling inspiration from the Siberian Ice Maiden.

I first heard of the Ice Maiden in 2011 when I was in Siberia and visiting the area in the Ukok Plateau where archeologists unearthed this Altai Princess. Upon further investigation, I found out that the Princess was actually a spiritual leader for her people and she had tattoos depicting animals and a headdress that represented the tree of life. I've been more and more fascinated and felt connected to this ancient Princess.

Jon is going to use his process to create tattoos for me that are inspired by the Ice Maiden's tattoos.

Listen to our conversation on My Virtual Campfire with Krystal Kelley:

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