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Peace Is In Pieces

Episode 15: Peace Is In Pieces

This conversation is a co-creation with Karah Pino. Karah's gift is to apply whole-brain, holistic thinking in a modern world. Together we collaborate creatively to affirm the foundational principle of peaceful harmony with nature.

In 2011, Karah orchestrated the global support effort while we were on our trek to Altai. She organized and facilitated groups participating through the Gold Star Meditation designed by Patricia Anne Davis with over 10,000 participants all over our planet in August of 2011. The intent was to manifest the humane-ness of humanity to co-create peace on Earth.

Now, 10 years later, Karah and I revisit this intention through monthly full moon meditations in 2021. The first one is May 26th, 2021. To find out more about these Monthly Meditations and how you connect to Earth's High Mountain Energy grid and raise vibrations with us.

To see more about Karah's work as a creative collaborator, artist and meditation instructor, visit her website

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