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The Lion, the Birds and the Clouds

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

By Guest Blogger, Peter Van Hetzel

Years ago (2011), I used to go into a trance like state while staring at clouds. . One day, the cumulus clouds were unbelievable and I started to have a vision. I saw what seemed like a hundred forms of different animal faces. Somehow I sensed a sadness coming from them that I felt very strongly. Near the very top of the sky I envisioned a massive turtle which also gave me a sad feeling. .

“What is happening?” I thought, but stayed calm and the vision climaxed with the clouds merging into a massive lion.

Then a voice in my head said, “Theses animal spirits are sad because the king of the beasts is in trouble.” This was one of my first mystical experiences and this Leo was pretty affected by the spirit message on the state of lions. The experience left me with a buzz like feeling. Unfortunately, life’s duties required me to walk to the store to buy dinner before my wife got home. Feeling hyper sensitive, just as I exited our condo I was met by a cacophony of crows that briefly but excitedly flew over and around me. As much as I like Crows, they never paid any kind to me until this day. Hmm, that was strange. And it added to my sense that this experience wasn’t over.

I made my way to the store and as I left, a woman I often saw and always talked to was selling the Street Wise magazine to help the homeless. The cover had the Dali Llama on it and his gaze stared in to me, which I didn’t read much into at that time. (It was ten years later when I learned the connection of the Dali Llama to this experience). Anyway, I bought a magazine and sat with her for a little bit which I never do. A few minutes later a woman exited the store and gave my poor friend a big bag of groceries. It was a real emotional moment that I happened to have a front row seat to.

I felt that kindness was connected to my continued buzzing sensation from the lion vision. I left the two of them and walked toward home. Well I’m finally here. Birds. because of the vision, and still sensitive to the animal kingdom, As I walked I noticed four doves sitting on a telephone wire across the approaching intersection. My gaze focused on one of them for a moment and it immediately proceeded to fly off the wire and toward me. It was Seemingly diving at me and flew right over my head and…..pooped on the top of my bald head. A man selling CD’s saw it and said, “”that bird acted like he knew you!” I somehow wasn’t surprised.

I was then a synchronicity neophyte, but I had started to create a system about synchronicity. One thing I do if strange things happen, is to look around to see if there may be other signs. Because of that I stopped walking instantly. With poop on my head, the laughter of the vendor in my ears, I looked down upon the spot. Right between my feet was a discarded black and gold tag from a hat company. The logo? A lion.

After a bizarre lion vision, a dove, i seemingly summoned, pooped on my head on the spot of a lion. The connection with the Dalai Lama I learned a month ago. It really would send you down a rabbit hole, all the way to the Altai Mountains, if you are interested. Perhaps it includes you. My friends feel this vision continues, it may be true.

May 22, 2021

I’ve been reflecting. Rie (my wife) synchronization with her Japanese spiritualists, and me telling her your going to Shasta.

I think the advice is fantastic for those who don’t know. I believe the spirit world reaches for those who reach for her.

Regardless of stomach

Or mind

Or any idea

You enter into

My Oneness.

Maybe it has to be me..

Please see,

And ask,

Upon Mount Shasta

< Full moon eclipse >

The All will reveal

To you

Beyond imagination

But as great as our imagination ourselves


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