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SUFON Announces: Alien Open Mic

Updated: Aug 9

Weeee-heeee! I am so excited for this event!! I can't wait to connect with creative people who have a shared love of anything Extra Terrestrial.

Planning this event with the SUFON (Seattle UFO Network) coordinators, I keep getting more and more excited.

So, here are the details and how we see this happening:

  • Where? Freshy's Cafe in West Seattle 2735 California Ave SW, West Seattle

  • When? Friday 11-11-22 at 5:55pm. Will end around 8pm

  • What is it? An alien-themed open mic. Collectively, SUFON coordinators encourage any artform as long as it does not harm anyone or any property. Ideas are poetry, music, comedy and storytelling--costumes are also encouraged. Come to share your sightings, your encounters, your knowledge from past and future lives, your dreams, your soul missions, your off-planet experiences--anything alien. Krystal will organize and host the event.

  • Who? All are welcome in peace: Humans, hybrids, ET's.

How do I participate?

  • Perform: I've created a form to fill out if you want to sign up early.

  • Watch IRL: Come to Freshy's on 11/11 from 5:55-8pm and connect with Alien-minded beings.

  • Watch Live Stream: You don't have to be in Seattle to enjoy this event. I am inviting all; including all SUFON (Seattle UFO Network) as well as BUFON (British UFO Network) members to stream Alien Open Mic from my YouTube channel

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