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Jubilee State Park UFO with Benni Sack

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

After meeting Benni at a SUFON (Seattle UFO Network) Skywatch campout at an undisclosed location on Mt. Rainier this past July, I sit down around my virtual campfire with Paranormal Researcher, Benni Sack. Benni has 28 years of magickal and spiritual training, including being a Priestess in the Circle of the Owl, a Pagan Chaplain, an Entrepreneur and a Spiritual Coach.

Benni describes her first close encounter incident from 1992 in Illinois near Jubilee State Park. The "pizza" UFO was her first occurrence of experiencing an ontological shock. The UFO caused her to question her worldview and likely forged the path to her future. We further discuss how she feels guided and experiences synchronicities daily.

Now, I'm wondering if foil hats could help? and I feel fairly warned not to mess with Pizza karma, especially if it has to do with Dominos!

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