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Beings of Light, A Close Encounter

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

After revisiting the Mothership during my hypnosis session a few weeks ago, I've felt my intuition getting stronger. I have been guided to document as many close encounter stories as I can.

I put a call out to my local SUFON (Seattle UFO Network) Group to ask anyone to tell their close encounter story on my podcast. To my absolute delight, one of my favorite sound healers, Tamara Zenobia messaged me.

SUFON is planning a "Skywatch" Party this summer at an undisclosed location in Mt. Rainier National Park. This is the approximate location of the very FIRST recorded UFO sighting. My intuition tells me this is a base of sorts for ships that I fondly refer to as Motherships. I have reserved my permit to camp at the site with 35 other SUFON members. I'll be camping for 3 days in July with my photographer, an unnamed poet I met in the mystical Altai Mountains and this woman, Tamara Zenobia. We plan to document what happens at SUFON's Skywatch Party.

In this episode, Tamara updates us about paranormal activities in her home state of Alaska. She tells her story about a visit she had as a child from beings of light. She explains how she was also given a mission and gets downloads and guidance from the light beings to this day. There is a language of written characters that the beings of light deliver to her that she brings to life in her art.

Tamara is a gifted teacher of vocal alchemy and she guides others how to find the power of their voice. She has lived and studied sound healing in Seattle and Paris. To learn more about Tamara's work, you can find her at

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