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Call Out: Tell Your Close Encounter Story

I have my close encounter story. It happened in 1996. It changed my life, and I KNOW there are thousands more. I've been guided to document as many close encounter stories as I can. I am asking you to tell your stories, I will listen and document all of the stories on my Virtual Campfire Podcast.

I will record you telling your stories over Zoom. If you want to be anonymous, that is alright--I can turn you into a cat when I edit the video.

Please pass this along to anyone you might know who has a great Close Encounter Story--Bring 'em all: aliens, UFOs, motherships, sasquatch, mermaids, fairies and dragons, bright lights, pyramids.... I can't wait to listen and share. My plan is to make an episode each time I reach 7 stories. Fill out this contact form to start sharing your story. I'll be waiting and receiving.

Receiving Light Codes at Tulum Sound Temple, 2022

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