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Rattie Uprising

In episode 12, I listen

how David Walega has intertwined his art and life around animal advocacy. David explains how his bond with his pet rat ignited a passion to spread the word of kindness, compassion and love to all animals, especially rats. He is currently working on his book, “Rattie Uprising” and we are releasing this episode on April 4th in dedication of World Rat Day. The conversation flows from rats, to water, to elephants, to telepathy, to BigFoot, to space exploration; and all back to rats.

I had originally met David when I was working on my project, Mind Unwind in Seattle. David taught classes at my gallery and he would have live chickens come to the gallery. Kids would hold and get to know the chickens and afterwards, David would teach drawing and art lessons centered around chickens. It taught compassion and kindness towards animals. It was lovely and zoo, all at the same time.

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