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Remembering What We Already Know

Remembering What We Already Know

by David Walega

“You don’t need to learn anything, you need to remember what you already know”, from the moment it escaped the shaman’s lips, to ascend skyward into the beautiful haze of Mt. Shasta, it rang true for me. Hearing these words was the pivotal moment in what was truly a transcendent journey in Northern California.

I’ve been building a mountain of stress lately, built on a foundation of expectations, resentments of dreams not yet fulfilled and self-doubt. I believe it’s the reality for most folks these days, toiling on this earth, in this 3D world. What if we could change that narrative, escape this earthly bond and become something or someone who could exist perpetually in peace and love? To find tranquility with who we are right this moment, knowing we are where we are supposed to be right here, right now.

I’ve been on a journey for many years, questioning my past decisions and most importantly blaming myself for circumstance well beyond my control. Addiction and ego have been my greatest enemies. “Stinking thinking” as some in recovery refer to it. Letting go and letting the Universe lead me is a hard thing to do for someone who has always been fiercely independent. But where has that got me? Sure, I have had some success in my personal life, done and seen things that have made my life rich with experience. But there has been a nagging sensation of not having done enough, having not achieved everything I had set out to do and most importantly a sense of disappointment in where the future is headed. What does this type of thinking achieve for me, a version of my once unstoppable youthful self?

We are all beings of energy. We all have the capacity to create the world we want to experience. A door that was just slightly ajar, has been nudged open a bit more. There are alternatives to this earthly existence. We can change the narrative if we are open to a different dialogue and become who we once were. I could take this to mean the youngin’ that had all the dreams and ambitions and strength to achieve any goal. Or, accept the idea that we are all descendants of light beings from another plane of existence, evolved here on earth having forgotten our past lives as pure spiritual beings, to remember who we once were. To reclaim that life of pure energy and love. It’s a beautiful idea, even if it’s difficult to accept as a certainty. I don’t care. I like the concept.

In contemporary life, we are bombarded with information, driven by continual messages of consumption; that we will always want and desire more. I choose to believe that this is not the case, that all we need is right here right now. I find peace in knowing that somewhere deep inside, I already have the tools, strength and knowledge to recapture and sustain the aspiration that all possibilities are endless.

Signed, David, 6.14.2021

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