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Sky Blue Waters

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

I can't think of a more synchronistic way to start my 3rd season of Virtual Campfire, than with this episode about Water, the Moon and HAMMS BEER. I'm calling Season 3, "Finding the Way". I've been "Finding the Way" with Peter Hetzel on a separate project, Shifting Circles for the past 11 years. In parallel, Peter has been consulting with Stevan Miner (aka 'Dr. Hamms') for about the same amount of time. So, it almost felt divine that Peter, Stevan and I had a fireside chat.

Hamms beer was established in 1865 by Theodore Hamm who was born in Germany. The brewery expanded over the years and became a National brand by the 1960’s. The beer is currently making a retro brand style comeback under the ownership of Molson Coors. I’m interested today in the amazing marketing history and mystique of the brand that is most name as being “from the land of sky blue waters”.

Hamms produced an amazing number and stunning variety of paraphernalia related to blue waters from mini sewing kits to massive motion signs; flowing along depicting an idyllic and mesmerizing Minnesota lake scene. If that was not enough, Hamm’s created the anime Hamm’s Bear which has its own mesmerizing appeal and massive collectors market. To help me understand the origins of this passion and the recent astronomical price inflation of Hamm’s goods we have two long time appreciators of the land of sky blue waters. Longtime friend of VC and guest Peter Hetzel has joined us and he has brought along one of the legends of the Hamm’s collecting phenomenon, Stevan Miner, also known as Dr. Hamms.


! I'm adding a new element with Season 3: VIDEO.


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