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Light Codes From A Water Shaman

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Spring, 2021 feels like it is vibrating higher than usual. I am optimistic about so many aspects of life right now and I feel invigorated to help raise awareness for clean water. I celebrate this day of rebirth by sharing an episode of my podcast that involves, water, music and healing.

In Episode One, together, Anna-Katariina and I actively co-create the future to cleanse and heal water.

I listen to special stories told by Anna-Katariina Hollmerus, a water Shaman from Norway. Anna-Katariina talks about her journeys along Northern waters. The conversation encompasses vibrations, crystals and more. If you can open your mind to hearing about these realms, you might realize how important water is to humanity and our future. At the end, Anna-Katariina shares a healing song with her shruti box.

You can listen to our conversation here.

Anna was calling me from Dragon Mountain. The picture below is of the mountain's reflection off the water. This is the message the Mountain sent to Anna-Katariina:

"As much up as down .

As inside , so outside .

Praying for the peace and love in the hearts of humanity ,

in the hearts of man and woman .

To bring balance and love into female and male.

In the Mikro and Makro cosmos .

May the hearts in the world and the hearts in the universe open for peace, love ,healing and light.

I give thanks to the water,

that calmed me down and brought me peace.

May we work and come together for the highest good of all."

by Anna-Katariina Hollmerus

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