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Anna Puts DENMARK on the Map - Episode 3

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In Episode 3, I listen to Special Guest Anna Laursen in DENMARK. Anna was my unexpected Foreign Exchange student just as Coronavirus hit America. As a result, Anna was sent home five months earlier than she thought that her “year” at an American High School would last. We catch

up and I learn more about Denmark and Fairy Tales. Many world maps don’t even put Denmark as a location. We talk about sage, extraterrestrials and cosmic planetary alignments. I also get to hear about her new boyfriend and her job as a cashier at a grocery store. Since Denmark is a missing piece of geography, I’m calling this episode “Anna Puts DENMARK on the Map.”

You can listen to her episode here.

This Corona Life can now be found on APPLE Breaker, Radio Public, Spotify and PocketCasts. Follow the links or search, This Corona Life. Thank you for listening!

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