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Surrender To Remember

Surrender Control

"Life is a cycle of symbiotic happenstance.

Tap into the genius within you.

Follow your soul...

And you too will do a jig in the sky."

- Krystal Kelley, 2010

June, 2021 - I feel inspired by my ability to surrender to a knowledge that is returning, forming a new, better version of myself. I'm not learning anything new, I'm remembering ancient codes embedded in my DNA. During the past 10 years, I've been visiting high energy places on our planet to reinforce these memories. This year felt the strongest. I felt as if my entire body was re-coded.

In Summer of 2020, I had the divine pull to visit Mt. Shasta. I planned for nearly 6 months, thinking that I would summit the Mountain. Then, in January, 2021, I was talking to my friend, Joey McCune. Joey is a sound healer and lives in Tulum, Mexico. I was telling her how my trek had some drama surrounding the others who were trekking with me. She pointed me in the direction of Paul of Venus, a gifted shaman who lives on Mt. Shasta.

Upon contacting Paul (IG @MtShastaSpiritualTours), I immediately knew my trek had a different destination than the top of the Mountain. What I needed and was searching for was inside. Inside of me, an inward yearning to be awakened by the energy of the Mountain and guided by Paul of Venus. We all need guidance. If you are feeling pulled to Mt. Shasta, I highly, highly recommend spending time with Paul of Venus on the Mountain. Paul's heart centered meditations paired with his deep connection with Source energy is a beautiful way to spend time connecting. I have so much to share about this journey. I'm working diligently on three things that became very clear to me in my meditations:

1. "The Little Bird Who Poops Art"- republish my children's book that I wrote in 2010

2. Shifting Circles - make an episode of the docuseries project that I started working on in 2011

3. "Surrender To Remember" - write my newest book

These are powerful times. I am giving a brief overview of our trek, but MUCH more will trickle out from all the key participants (including me) from the grounding meditations that were co-created in unison with Mt. Shasta.

The Full Moon was the week of May 23, 2021. I knew (I felt deeply) this was when I should go. It was HUGE energy and a key segment of the organic ascension timeline for humanity and Earth. Serendipity brought together a random, wonderful group of people on the Mountain to join me in 5D:

Paul of Venus - May 24, 25, 26th

Zac Hutchins - May 24, 25, 26, 28th

Lauren Talley - May 24, 25, 26, 28th

David Walega - May 25th

Cynthia - May 25th

Tracey - May 25th

David Walega, a long time friend and fellow artist was driving across country from Massachusetts. As luck would have it, he was in Sacramento visiting a friend who had just recovered from cancer the weekend I flew in. I couldn't have had a better airport shuttle. David and his 3 pups drove me from Sacramento to the Airbnb in Shasta that Zac and Lauren rented for the adventure. We decided on the drive that David should trek with us as well.

May 25th was the most powerful day. It was not only the Wesak Full Moon, and the anniversary of Buddhas enlightenment (which annually is an incredibly high frequency event). I feel like it was this day that Zac became a Buddha. He was laying in the middle of the river at Lion's Gate and I looked up and all I saw was a Buddha. It was almost as if I witnessed a miracle in front of my eyes.

This Intense Eclipse Gateway also created an open dimensional gateway to the higher realms. I feel as if we are in "training" for more to come.

All the support, frequency, love and guidance from high, high level spiritual beings, Ascended Masters and Galactic allies is available by going inward.

Take advantage of this unique window of energy, I know I am and I'll share my journey each step of the way.

Make the choice to shift; to evolve... To take advantage of this Eclipse and Solstice Gateway we have moved into.

Make the time and create the space to do the work and consciously embrace the new levels of healing, light and the newness of life becoming available.

Step into the new paradigm that is opening its doors.

All the power of this time and this dimensional gateway is available to you within you... Its up to you to choose if you tune in!

I know I'm tuning into Source energy as much as I can now that I'm back home with meditation, writing, nature walks and reading.

My pack is ready for the next adventure!


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