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Red Carpet Roll Out for Hammpions

UPDATE: Here is the link where you can buy tickets They are now available

Hammpions is going to be included in the "Real-Life Champions (Doc Shorts)" at the Twin Cities Film Festival on Sun. Oct. 22nd at 12:15pm CT at the ShowPlace ICON Theatre in St. Louis Park, MN.

TICKETS will be available online & at the ICON Box Office on October 1st

ALL tickets are reserved seating.

Please note: TCFF reserves a handful of tickets for our sponsors & media members for each screening. So, while your particular film screening may look sold out, that may not be the case. Any unclaimed tickets we have will be released 30 min prior to each screening. Please emphasize that we will have a RUSH LINE available for every “sold out” screening. We typically are able to accommodate anyone waiting in our rush line.

RED CARPET EVENTS are your opportunity to have pictures taken on the Red Carpet with your cast, crew, family and friends. There will be TCFF staff photographers and potential media members present. TCFF may also conduct a brief interview.

As Steve Miner and I have been planning this, we found an AWESOME bar that is getting us a keg of HAMMS! They kind of need a head-count though and they don't want to do 50 individual drink and food orders, so they are going to do a buffet-style and it will just be a flat per head cost. Please RSVP if you are planning on attending so we can get a good estimate for the bar. I've heard rumors that the Hamms Bear might show up. Stevan Miner says it will be $20 for the appetizer buffet food and there will be a cash bar with a keg of HAMM's BEER. Let's all Venmo Steve to pay him for the per head since he has graciously organized and coordinated the group event with the Bar. His VENMO is @Stevan-Miner.

We designed this bumper sticker above to help raise money for this idea I have about continuing the Hammpions project. I have this dream that if we can raise money for production, we could produce Hammpions from a short-form documentary into a docuseries. There are so many good Hammpions' stories to tell, one 33 minute episode just isn't enough to capture the heart and soul of the group. All funds raised will be going towards this goal. There is also a limitied edition Movie Poster you can buy to help support Hammpions Project.

12x18 Hammpions OFFICIAL Twin Cities Film Festival Poster. I'm only printing 111 posters and they will be numbered and signed by the director & producer*. Some of these posters were pre-sold during the Indiegogo fundraiser that launched the project, Donors of $300+, you will have your poster available for pickup at the Hammpions Red Carpet After Party.

If you want to donate to the project, you can do that here.

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