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Hammpions Movie Poster-Signed & numbered

Hammpions Movie Poster-Signed & numbered

12x18 Hammpions OFFICIAL Twin Cities Movie Fest Poster. I'm only printing 111 posters and they will be numbered and signed by the director & producer*. Some of these posters were pre-sold during the Indiegogo fundraiser that launched the project, Donors of $300+, you will have your poster available for pickup at the Hammpions Red Carpet Afer Party. 


I have this dream that if we can raise money for production, we could produce Hammpions from a short-form documentary into a docuseries. There are so many good Hammpions' stories to tell, one 33 minute episode just isn't enough to capture the heart and soul of the group. All funds raised will be going towards this goal. 


*if you pick it up in Minnesota at the Hammpions AFTER PARTY, then, they will also be signed by the living legend himself, DR. HAMM's, aka Stevan Miner. 

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