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Guided by Meditation

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

For me, life is random, a bit like a drunkard's walk. As randomness rules my life, I seek to find balance and calm.

This search began in 2007, after coming down with a brain and spinal cord in-

fection, I awoke out of a 106 degree fever fog in a hospital room where all the nurses and doctors had white hazmat suits on. They didn't know what kind of virus caused the severe infection and they were afraid of spreading it. I still have little answers about the cause to my illness, but the result was an imbalance in my brain.

My imbalance was frustrating and quite dangerous because I wouldn't have any warning about when symptoms would occur. This led me to a self-guided study of neuroscience to learn how our brains function. While studying neuroscience, I tapped into my own personal, creative

energy using meditation.

I found myself on a healing journey developing my own meditation practice and healing the brain trauma from that unknown virus. This practice of healing has randomly brought me to some incredible experiences and helped me tap into a knowledge-base that I did not know existed.

I've traveled to learn ancient tools from indigenous wisdom keepers from Siberia to Navajo Nation to Peru. I've visited sacred high energy Mountains with Shaman and Monks in Japan, United States and Northern Europe. I felt pulled to each location by an unknown force that was so deep in my soul, I couldn't ignore it.

Fast forward to 2021, in this (almost)post-pandemic world, there is more randomness and uncertainty than ever for many people. This causes immense stress on our emotional and mental health and I feel like I have a tool that can help a lot of people. My practice has now grown to include YOU!

After two trips to Tulum Sound Temple in Mexico in 2020/21, my meditation practice has also grown to include crystal singing bowls. To make a long story short, my friends from Tulum connected me to Tapster, Seattle. I visited Tapster when I returned from my second trip to Tulum. While chatting with Roman, the owner, we both decided that it was a fun idea to have a meditation on a casual Saturday morning, right before Tapster opens for the day. When the meditation is done, we can get coffee, Kombucha and even beer on tap.

I hope you decide to join me for this awesome event. You can register for the event below:

Space is limited to 25. The event is FREE, but I have a suggested $60 donation to help get clean water and light to villages in Peru.

I look forward to raising vibrations with YOU and feeling a little peace in this random world.

If you can't make the event, you can still help with a donation HERE. I have more backstory about the project on my Virtual Campfire Podcast.

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