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Bennett For Senate 2022

From coffee shop owner to politician, Amber Bennett reveals her motivation behind making a decision to step up and try to make a difference in her community. I interview Amber about why she wants to run for a seat in her State Senate's office. Representing the 34th District of Washington State, Amber will potentially become the representative for West Seattle, Vashon Island, White Center, Harbor Island and a small part of Downtown Seattle.

"Let's Bring Our Focus To


Amber wants to focus on families, the community and supporting small business owners.

"I'm a business owner, not a career politician. I'm going to help us get back to organically living life & critically thinking — away from all these heightened emotions." Amber's business, Freshy's Cafe has been a staple in her community for 18 years. She has seen the ups and downs of different economic times as well as families grow and the City of Seattle has grown significantly as well.

"This campaign is an uphill battle against the establishment. I’ve got a strong chance to win, but I have to reach as many people as I can. I serve you, the public, not the establishment.”

To donate to her campaign or just learn more about the issues that she is focusing on, visit her at

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