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Radiating the Power of Love

As a Spiritual Journalist for The Altai Fellowship, I have been working on a project we call "Messages from Altai." Maia Rose telepathically relays messages that both Karah Pino and I hold space for and serve as a grounding team. I would like to share our most recent Message from Altai about the power of radiating Love and subsequently, my journey to the Yucatan Jungle.

Maia relayed, "There is only one thing, which can take many different forms, that can overcome what has been happening recently and that is LOVE.

LOVE is a power force much stronger than can be imagined, especially when it is a combined force of thousands of people loving together. Think of the pictures of the streets filled with hundreds of marchers. We recommend that you not waste your time hating your incompetent leaders as they are under the influence of negative forces. Instead, jointly create, put time and energy into things you DO want.

If each person contributes even a small amount of their talents, it will be enough to create a shift. The more we pray for others and are kind and nurturing, the more we benefit also. This includes the plants, animals and aquatic life, etc. Now is the time for the light workers and spiritual warriors to come together for change." Read FULL MESSAGE.

Personally, I can feel this shift. I feel inspired to focus on loving energies. I went to visit my dear friend and soul sister, Joey McCune. Joey had planned a series of events last week, hosting a heart-centered 'retreat' for her close friends and others who were divinely inspired to arrive at her Sound Temple in Tulum. While in ceremony, deep inside Joey's mystic cave, I participated in powerful and heart opening experiences. Our first ceremony was led by two beautiful souls, Ale Sai and Ricardo Mones. They shared the ancient blessings of Cacoa, the legend of the Mayan hummingbird and loving songs. As we sang together, I couldn't help but think of the Messages from Altai and how important it is to remain focused on positive actions.

As a group and individually, we transcended into an immersive 5D experience. In addition to numerous ceremonies, we visited Azulik and the Colonial City of Valladolid. Returning to Joey's Sound Temple, we ate wonderful Mayan food prepared with love by Martha Canche Tep. Our last experience was listening to the Ancestral music of Ahl Kim Ya'. They say that they connect you with your primal being.

With love for Mother Earth and all,


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