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Enchanted 777 Rose Water

Enchanted 777 Rose Water

From my heart to yours ❤️


This rose water was created during the first 777 portal of July, 2023. Did you know July of 2023 has 3 777 portals?? (See dates at end of description)


The rose bushes are old, fragrant bushes I’ve had for 10+ years & grow in the sea salt air steps from the shore of the Puget Sound in beautiful Seattle. The rose water was distilled from these dried petals. I say it is Enchanted because I infused each bottle with rose oil I brought back from Egypt in 2022. The oil is from an 8th generation oil shaman, Gamal. Before infusing, I cleansed each bottle with a prayer and with incense from Mt. Koyason, where I stayed with Buddhists Monks in 2019.


My intention for making the rose water is to help open my heart and yours to these New Earth Energies. Rose water is not only heart-opening, but also very good for your skin. These new energies require us to make focus on self-care. I suggest spraying it on your face before bed or anytime you need a burst of energy or heart-opening.


From my heart to yours ❤️


July 7, 2023 = 7th Month – 7th Day – 7th Year (2+0+2+3=7)


July 16, 2023 = 7th Month – 7th Day (1+6=7) – 7th Year


July 25, 2023 = 7th Month – 7th Day (2+5=7) – 7th year


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