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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I’ve created these poems today for use tomorrow. I expect that these poems will mean one thing the first time you read them and then, ‘somewhen’ in the future, something will happen and each word will develop a new definition in your mind. These words are mind gems. Some are created as my mind unwinds, others have crossed my path and I have given them my own definition. The method in which the words are woven together attempts to illustrate complex theories in simple ways. We can only communicate ideas with the vocabulary we have as a tool. As our vocabulary increases, we can expand our minds into new realms. The word “somewhen” is conceived to relate “some” with time instead of place.

Photo by Katie Otto
Love is in the air

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Existential measurements tick tock,

Minutes and seconds calculated by hands on a clock.

Particles form waves,

Watering light into the caves.

Rushing of the now is fun being had,

But time heavy in my hands is pain that is bad.

A New Vibration

Love to heal this Mother Earth we abuse.

We could point fingers and accuse--

Or we can make the changes we need.

To conquer the GREED.

Give a hug--

See where your heartstrings tug.

Follow those strings,

To do impossible things!


All that is, is now.

The past lies in a network of memories;

Dendrites twisted amongst each other,

Like a nautical ball of rope tossed ashore in a storm.

The future lies within the framework of my dreams;

Disentangling my nautical rope after the storm clears.

Intuition and action are now.

Time Machine

Backwards or forwards;

Time occurs in more than one dimension.

Simple transcendence through the mazy mind;

Time is eternally ephemeral.


Better than any story ever told,

A token close enough to hold.

An absolute truth is wisdom that will stand the test of time…

To arrive at one is an exhilaration of mine.

To order a book of my poetry, visit me on Amazon

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