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Hammpions Documentary is Complete & Submitted to Film Festivals

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Hammpions started out as one interview with Peter Hetzel and Dr. Hamm's, also known as Stevan Miner. Peter and Stevan's passion for Hamm's Beer was contagious and soon I felt myself immersed in the Hamm's Beer Club and surrounded with kind and compassionate people who truly have a passion for beer and "The Land of Sky Blue Waters" where Hamm's Beer comes from.

I couldn't help myself to explore the enigmatic history of the land, the water and the beer. After taking two trips to The Land of Sky Blue Waters in August of 2022 to attend Bago Bash and then to Medina, MN in February of 2023 for the 25th Anniversary of the Hamm's Beer Club meeting, in addition to countless zoom interviews with beer collectors, Hamm's artists, Hamm's family and much more, I strung along a story called Hammpions.

I have submitted to film festivals throughout the world and I am open to where the universe decides to place this documentary. I know Hamm's Beer has touched the hearts of so many people in the Midwest, I hope this documentary can radiate that love to a larger audience. I'm grateful to have been a part of creating this fun project. If you want to watch an early viewer link. you can find it below

If you want to watch more in-depth Hammpions interviews, you can find those on my playlist called Meet the Hammpions

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