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Dendera Temple + Conscious Conversation with Alandra Markman

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

This is more than an interview; this is an energy offering to anyone who is willing to expand their consciousness. Alandra Markman is a poet, musician, human hybrid and a long time incarnate of Earth. We discuss everything from secret space programs, extraterrestrials of all kinds, Mars, Venus, Dendera Temple in Egypt, rewriting DNA, manifesting and the cruel reptilian overlords that inhabit Earth's surface systems.


Who is Alandra Markman? 0:00

How did you get involved with the Earth Project? 2:36

Is there a space program that is not controlled by negative entities? 9:01

Earth’s catch 22. 15:07

The reptilian presence of the temple. 20:34

The difference between Saqqara and musk. 25:57

Higher levels of consciousness on a global scale. 30:28

Floating cities and media. 37:12

You can find out more about Alandra Markman and his work at

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