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MOB Studios

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Yesterday, I was invited to visit my gangster friends at MOB Studios. The main gangster, himself Josh Menashe led my personal tour. It was an inspiring day to learn about their vision of a positive MOB putting music on the top priority list. They are Meanwhile, in the background, there were other, negative mobs storming Washington DC.

I saged the entire studios (and everyone there) with a mixture of white sage, purple sage and Russian sage that I grew in my West Seattle garden last summer. I used an intention of prosperity to MOB Studios and gratefulness to Mother Earth for providing us these powerful herbs.

To kick start 20-21, I'm labeling this decade as a "Creative Revolution." I know there are loads of political uprisings and a pandemic to talk about, but I want to hone in on the very base level of where humans find their inspiration. What is motivating us? Why should we create in such a world as we live in?

I believe that in times of uncertainty, the most grounding, calming thing we can do is to create. I envision a world of harmony, singing and dancing. Lots of laughing and happiness. In order to get there, we need our gangsters, our outliers, our artists, our writers and musicians to be the change agents to make this happen.

So, let it start for me (and you) with MOB Studios to vibrate higher and embrace creativity this year. My visit inspired me to create music this year with my two favorite "woo-woo's," together the three of us will be called "Krystal Kelley and The Woo-Woo's." We plan on producing soft, gentle meditation music with a clear intention of grounding the listener back to Mother Earth, to create deep roots. Once rooted, we look to the stars and beyond.

Thank you, MOB gangsters for cracking my cosmic code open even wider!!

This will be a fun adventure!

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