Healing for Pachamama

by Guest Blogger, Washington Gibaja Tapia (aka Washi)

I am so happy to join you in this new healing energy to heal the world and Pachamama.

On the full moon on May 5/26, I will be next to the Sacred River and in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

What makes this a special location?

360 ancient sites and energy vortex since the creation of the valley and the energy is here because moves every 25000 years and it is nowhere close to the Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu

We will raise vibrations with Musica y Ceremonia combining the universe energy with us.

Register and join us from wherever you are! Love you all and feeling your energy already and sending my best,


BIOGRAPHY of Washi (Washington Gibaja Tapia)

I was born in Ollantaytambo, (10-06-82) on the Axis between Machu Picchu and Cusco. Ever since my childhood, I have dedicated myself as a guide to the sacred archeological site where I was born. Today I am also a professional guide (Tour Leader), photographer, and a partner for Buen Power Peru SAC, bringing Solar lights to remote communities.

Thanks to this work, I have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world to do spiritual treatments, expositions, conferences and taking the message of the heart towards the mind, and all about Peru and the ancient sites also the prophecy, union of the Condor and the Eagle. As well as to meet people and sacred places with magical energy. Like Desmond Tutu, Mark Victor Hansen (writer of the book chicken soup for the soul), the king of Indonesia, etc.

"Taking the message of the heart to the mind and uniting the Eagle and the Condor."

I drew inspiration for many book with the intention to share and extend a little of the knowledge and wisdom of my ancestors, towards you. I am author of several books:

  • “Wisdom and Kindness of the Pachamama”

  • "Magic of Machi Picchu, The Origin of the Incas and Their Medicine"

  • JOURNEY THROUGH THE INCA CITY OF MACHU PICCHU, Spiritual, Political and Financial Freedom

In addition, with the sale of this book, 15% of all proceeds will go to create efficient projects in the future to help the less lucky families in the Andes.

Also In Partnership With www.magicaltoursperu.com, www.be-a-bridge.com, www.pathoftheheart, Buen Power Perú, USAID, Multiple Organizations, and Private Donors I have been part of:

- Installing in 11,000 homes with solar panels or photovoltaic modules so that 55,000 people have Access to Light.

- 20 years in a row with 900,000 meals served to date, for the less fortunate children and families of the Andes.

- 104,000 Hot Chocolates, Cake and gifts to Boys and Girls at Christmas in the Sacred Valley.

- 3000 units of equipment (Coats, Shoes - Boots, Pants, Caps, Gloves, Stockings, etc.) for Vulnerable Boys and Girls and protect them from the cruel cold, etc.

- 5,000 food package delivered on this Covid19 world emergency to the needy families.

Today I live in Ollantaytambo, married to a wonderful woman name Pammela and have Two beautiful daughters named Victoria Alejandra and Helene Rose, the source of my daily inspiration. I have plans to continue writing, Guiding, and proving service while I can still here on this great planet.

To contact me or for more information about my work visit: www.pathoftheheart.org

Email: yanapani@yahoo.com Or call to: 011 - 51 - 84 -984897731, 935 597 440.

To join with groups meditating in sacred sites all over the world, please register

Learn more about the high mountain energy grid

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